Cybersecurity as a Service.

CybernetIQ’s Resilience as a Service enables organizations to:

  • Make the most of your SOC operators
  • Identify the most critical areas that need attention
  • Reduce time to remediation, time to response metrics
  • Improve Productivity & Margin by streamlining processes

How It Works

Align Your



Align Your

Using industry best practices, CybernetIQ assesses and assigns a Resiliency Plan that will ensure your organization is ready to respond and minimize disruptions to your business and brand if a major cyber event occurs


We review your organization, cyber investments, 3rd parties, and policies, and make recommendations to ensure your investments are aligned with your risk tolerance. This provides you with the full picture of your current cyber posture.


After CLAW visualizes your entire organization, we make recommendations on priorities, proximity to threats, and create a roadmap that optimizes the best fit of technology for your organization, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware and software licensing.

One platform, One view

  • Harness the power of a military-grade cyber security attack surface analysis platform to enable your IT security services across hundreds or thousands of endpoints and processes with ease.
  • Solve the siloed cybersecurity data limitation with a platform to consolidate and concentrate your team to deliver faster timelines of exposure to closure
  • Dramatically reduce the noise from the signal with technology focused on the fusion of the cybersecurity ecosystem into a single interactive lens.

Improve Productivity & Margin

  • Augment your team with our defense developed machine learning to automatically sift out the false positive noise and improve time to detect and time to respond
  • Get the full picture with a platform that focuses the cybersecurity operator across the kill chain, enabling your team to improve threat-hunting and level up their skills in days versus months
  • Customize your machine learning capabilities

Our Packages

Package 01

Resilience Snapshot


Install and configure CLAW to run in your environment & provide your team with instruction on how to use the technology drawn from a single source in the network environment.

Package 02

Resilience Assessment


We ingest your network and threat data and provide you with an analysis of what our attach surface analysis platform reveals. Enabling you to make better security decisions with proper insights.

Package 03

Resilience as a Service


Regular network and vulnerability data ingested and analyzed by CLAW platform, IOT, Cloud, artifacts and appliances evaluated in a single frame. Recommendations and Project Plans provided as tangible outcomes.

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