How to get around the cybersecurity workforce shortage cybernetiq

Mind the (Hiring) Gap

How to Circumvent the Cyber Security Workforce Shortage

We’re at an inflection point. Too many problems, not enough people with the right skills…

…or really people at all.

There are nearly 465,000 unfilled cyber jobs across the U.S. 

And from organizations surveyed around the globe, only 5% felt confident their cyber security team was at the level they should be

This is the perfect storm that is no longer on the horizon – it’s already blowing in over the bow of this ship. It’s time to face it: qualified, experienced SecOps and SecEng professionals are becoming harder to find. The longer we continue this course, the harder it will be to weather the storm. 

We Can No Longer Rely on Our Ability to Hire Enough Experienced Professionals.

Teams continue to be on the back foot when hiring and onboarding new members into SECOPS and SECENG roles. The length of time it takes to ramp new employees up, and the amount of effective analysis required, is always hard to quantify or estimate early on. Not only are these new members too green to be able to make good decisions, they lack the fundamentals of experience in how to apply their knowledge.

Too many products offer far too much information to make sense of, and make it impossible to understand even to the most seasoned of operators. 

We’re not suggesting removing the human element. We’re not even dismissing the need for detailed understanding. 

Rather, we’d like to paint a better picture for the people that are in the seats making the choices. 

Your operators are saturated.

CISOs lament the fact that their staff are now button-pushing experts without a view into the “why” of the alert, or worse, with no understanding of the effects of the choices being made. 

We can do better as a community. We don’t have a choice.

Why Cyber Security Teams Struggle to Make the Best Use of Their Existing Teams

The existing Attack Surface solutions on the market are missing the key fundamentals to our challenge: make the impact and understanding human readable. 

They aren’t able to guide the operator from one alert to the next, filling in the gaps with cues and data that is both relevant and timely can augment the existing community of practitioners faster, and with greater accuracy. 

Existing solutions don’t ensure the knowledge is spread across multiple instances, learning and working together in unison, offering us another advantage to streamline the workflows, and implement force multiplication. 

…until now. 

How Cyber Security Teams Can Level Up Without Adding to Headcount

At CybernetIQ, we believe in bridging the technological divide. 

As an ASA (Attack Surface Analysis), there is a method that teams can tap into the sum total of the teams capabilities and capacity without the limitation of time.

Shortening the gap between human and machine, we have the ability to share this knowledge without the delays between systems or people. Blended between the existing security investments and drawing from across the wide range of existing technologies, CLAW operators can synthesize a broader scope of effectiveness without needing the time / effort to train up on every single piece of kit available. 

With CLAW, junior operators can speed up, and senior operators can increase their efficiency. 

CLAW equips teams with faster perception of the “ground truth”; quicker methods to socialize the cybersecurity situation with the team, and a positive sum game for security operators to solve big challenges within the enterprise. 

The hiring crisis impacting cyber security teams across the world doesn’t have to impact yours. It doesn’t have to leave your team struggling at 5% efficiency. With an ASA, cyber security teams are able to level up their existing teams, regardless of skill levels…without adding to headcount. 

If you’d like to learn more about deflecting the hiring crisis, and leveling up and enabling your existing team, we’re here to help. Our military-grade ASA was built by security operators, for security operators, and we’ve spent the last several years equipping organizations around the world to efficiently prioritize threats and step up their cyber security teams without having to worry about hiring difficulties. 

Are you next?